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Are There Ever Good Reasons Not to Write Your Dissertation?

There are lots of reasons not to write, or so I hear:
1.  Midwinter blahs.  If you live in an area where January and February are gray and cold, it can be hard to push ahead on your writing.
2.  Seasonal fatigue—oh, wait, that was the roadblock in December. 
No longer an excuse!
3.  Low motivation.  When was the [...]

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What Is the #1 Reason that You Aren’t Part of the January Dissertation Surge?

This past week has been a busy one for me, in part because I’ve heard from many of you. 
It looks like many dissertation writers have decided that it’s time to bring someone else on board. 
And I’m not surprised. 
In such a long-term project as writing a dissertation, many writers want
–someone you can tell how you’ve messed [...]

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5 Fast Tracks for a Running Start on Your Dissertation

Where do you start on your dissertation?  The word review can start you on the following five fast tracks.
Let’s get started:
1.  Learn from your peers who are a bit farther along the road than you are—read and review carefully their dissertations.
 Even if you’ve been writing papers since you were a wee tot, or at least [...]

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Where Do You Want to be on Your Dissertation in 3 Months?

Making goals for an entire year seems to me to be self-sabotaging.
Are we talking about making a big change that you’ll be so disciplined that you’ll do that action you’re contemplating every single day for the next year?  That’s too much time to deal with. 
Chunk it down.
If you decide where you want to be in [...]

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Stop Catastrophizing! Your Dissertation Advisor Is Overworked, not Nefarious

In a recent conversation, a tenured professor at a large research university told me that he left it up to his doctoral students to get in touch with him.
He didn’t say that he doesn’t want to invite more work since he already has more to do than he can get done, but that might have [...]

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Is Your University Aware That You’re Still Out There?

The good news is that the average doctoral student takes 8.2 years to get a Ph.D. 
 This is good news because, according to an article in the New York Times (“Exploring Ways to Shorten the Ascent to a Ph.D.,” 10/3/2007), in the past, it has taken the average student even longer to get the degree.
The article [...]

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How Would You Rate Your Dissertation Advisor on Interpersonal Relationships?

The experiences of some of my clients with their dissertation advisors may be explained by research shared with me by Chris Peterson, author of Character Strengths and Virtue and A Primer in Positive Psychology.
According to Chris, the educational level of a person correlates negatively with some of the interpersonal strengths.
Social intelligence is not a top [...]

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