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Getting Started: How to Honor Your Top Strengths and Write Second

“Write first” has been the admonition of many a writing maven, and it still holds water. Pop out of bed, get coffee and cereal, do the minimum of readying for the day and then you’re at it.  The writing is in the middle of your desk, top priority, first thing out of the box.
That works [...]

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You Ask: How Can I Regain My Motivation? Ask Steve Nash

I don’t watch NBA basketball because it’s NBA basketball.  But I will watch Steve Nash, the point guard from Canada who plays for Phoenix and is the winner of the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award.
Nash is bright and personable. I first saw him on David Letterman.  Last night Charlie  Rose interviewed Nash in a show [...]

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How Can You Finish Your Dissertation If Perseverance Isn’t Your Strong Suit?

So perseverance isn’t your strong suit?
But finishing the project no matter what is your goal? 
When playing cards, what can you do if you can’t follow suit?  You play your trump card!  So what is your trump card, your ace in the hole? 
Even if perseverance is low on your list of strengths, you can finish what [...]

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