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Have you gone absent from your dissertation?  As far as your advisor is concerned, have you just disappeared?  When did you last contact your advisor?  Is hiding out weighing heavily on you?

We all have reasons for putting off doing something as big and seemingly endless as writing a dissertation, but usually the reasons seem less important when put up against the mounting agony that comes from completely ignoring the writing project.

If you’ve been ignoring your dissertation to such a degree that getting back to work on it now looks really hard, maybe impossible, I think I can help.  The May issue of my free e-newsletter Smart Tips for Writers goes out this week.  The main article is “The Ignored Writing Project: Six Tips to Get You Back into Action.”

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P.S. Even if you’re working steadily, or occasionally, on your diss, the tips in the May issue of  Smart Tips for Writers can be of help to you, too. Sign up at www.nancywhichard.com.

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