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Don’t wait on others to set your deadline. 

When someone tells you that if you don’t act now your chance will be gone forever, you will want to act.

If you know that you have a hard deadline for submitting writing, you will want to act.  You may resist doing the work, but you will want to act.

What I’m asking you to consider is what if no one is asking you to act.  If you don’t take responsibility yourself, the writing will sit there, nothing added, no further revision, no additional development.

That’s sad. 

My challenge to you is to make your own hard deadline.

Shape it around a holiday, Christmas, New Year’s, your birthday.

Wow!  How fortunate for you– there’s a holiday upon us.  Why wait?

Plan your writing retreat now. 

What is your own hard deadline?  Please let me know and I’ll hold that for you.

Also, I have a great gift for you– go my website (www.nwcoaching.com) and sign up for my newsletter.  I have something you can use!
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