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When you look back on the last week of January 2008, here is what I hope you will say: “That was when I stopped thinking that I should make headway on my dissertation and actually took the steps to do something about it.  Everything turned around for me, starting with that week.”

If you want this to be true for you—and it can be—what will you do to make it happen?

First of all, you need to lower the bar.  Yes, that’s right, step back and take a deep breath. 

This time will be different. 

This time will be a measured, planned, step-by-step approach to re-starting and writing your dissertation.

This time, you’ll make realistic goals and show up to meet those goals.  No hiding out.  No head in the sand.
No more knocking yourself around for what you haven’t done and how much time you’ve wasted.

This new beginning in writing your dissertation will be one you’ll look back on proudly.

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All good wishes to you for a fresh beginning this last week of January.

Your Dissertation Coach

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