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How was your writing today?

You couldn’t get a flow going today during your writing session? 

Some writing sessions are like that–you start off more slowly, maybe because you’re tired, it’s the end of the week, or maybe because you didn’t prime the pump, didn’t try to induce a good mood, or didn’t practice resiliency before you began the effort

Or perhaps you’re starting to see some success and you’re just a bit uneasy because you are thinking you may actually meet your deadline?

Once again, it’s time to practice resiliency. 

Remind yourself that this time there’s no backsliding—but be playful as well as firm. 

Laugh at the time you were so self-congratulatory for how well you were doing on a paper that you barely finished the project under deadline! 

Resiliency is a skill that you learn through practice. A great way to increase your resiliency is laugh at your foibles and shenanigans. Use your sense of humor and self-knowledge to fuel your writing session.

 Have a good weekend,


Nancy Whichard, Ph.D., PCC
Your International Dissertation Coach and Academic Career Coach


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There’s still time for a January surge on your dissertation.

In this time of fresh starts, you first need to decide on the where and the when of your dissertation writing.

Where?  Where will you work?  Do you have a place at home where you won’t be interrupted and where you won’t give in to taking naps or pushing furniture around or watching TV?  If not, then you need to get out of the house.  Where will you work? Decide that first.

When?  Will you write first thing in the morning?  Will you get coffee and then write? Don’t give away the time when you are at your best.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by planning on it when you think you might have to take the baby to the doctor or walk the dogs or get caught in traffic and miss the appointed time.

Congratulations!  You have a Where and When.

Re-starting your dissertation writing can be just that easy.

There’s a lot of power in small steps—take a small step and see how it goes.

Your Dissertation Coach

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