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A client who is moving ever closer to actually finishing her dissertation tells me that she is focusing on what she can do in the moment. 

She has found that being in the moment takes work.  There’s nothing airy-fairy about it.

And there’s much to be gained from staying in the moment. 

By focusing on the present, she has become detached a bit from what she calls “the anxiety of the end.”  She is not looking that far ahead. 

She is telling herself that all she can do is put in the time, continue to work, and trust her her ideas.

That’s mental toughness.  

Be tough!

Your Dissertation Coach

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I’ve been on a trip, away from my writing projects and away from other job-related commitments.  It’s hard to come back.

I enjoy writing my blog.  I also have another writing project that is new and important to me, but re-starting takes effort.

Coming back to most writing tasks requires more of us than just doing it.

1)  It takes self-awareness.
I needed to give myself permission to feel whatever it was that was getting in my way. 

2 I am free to choose. 
I had quite a bit of work piled up from all corners of my work life, and some of it was stressful—the kind of piddly stuff that clutters my brain and annoys me.  But in my absence, the piddly stuff had grown to a nose-high level. I could groan and moan and continue to push through that work, becoming increasingly cranky, or I could give myself permission to choose.

3)  Take a moment.
I needed to give myself a moment to settle in and regroup.  I needed to sit quietly.
4)  Write whatever comes into your mind. 
Usually ideas come to me as I write, and I need to write in order to remember this.  I am often surprised as I start to write that ideas actually start coming to me, just as they usually do.  I tell my clients to trust themselves.  Likewise, I need to trust myself. And take a moment.  And remember that I am free to choose.

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