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Happy Father’s Day to all fathers and fathers-to-be who are writing dissertations or articles or books.

I know that it is hard to juggle your writing with family responsibilities and with all of  the other things that you do.

To honor the men who are my clients and readers, I want to describe some of the strengths and actions I’ve noticed in fathers I admire:

•  A father who encourages his children to read or write by modeling that behavior.
•  A father, when asked what he wants for Father’s Day, says he was thinking about the new translation of Kafka’s “The Castle” as well as hoping to have time  to watch some soccer.
•  A father who models respect for an extended family by having long, kind conversations with his chatty mother-in-law.
•  A father who runs regularly for exercise and plays a huge role in encouraging his daughter and son to continue in the sport and to run races.
•  A wise father who, in answer to an emailed plea for inspiration from his adult daughter who is overwhelmed by work at her company, replies to her that when he feels that way he tries to think about how he is contributing to something larger than himself and that each contribution is important.

Happy Father’s Day.

I want to acknowledge the positive role you are playing in your family’s life even as you struggle through your writing project. Your family knows that you love them, and you are also modeling the character strengths you want your children to have—perseverance, courage, resilience, wisdom.

Enjoy your day. You deserve it.

All good wishes,


Nancy Whichard, Ph.D., PCC
Your International Dissertation Coach and Academic Career Coach


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