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Maybe you have received ads, as I have, proclaiming that “this is your final courtesy reminder about tomorrow night’s teleconference.”  Final reminder?  Wow!  I take note of that, even if I hadn’t thought about going to the teleconference at all.

One client who had set this Saturday night before her family’s Christmas as a deadline for sending off a chapter to her advisor said, “It’s always interesting how deadlines like this one that I’ve set are effective.  Only some deadlines are like that, like ‘ultimate deadlines.’”

If you celebrate Christmas, you probably feel some of that firmness, the “hard deadline” aspect that surrounds the holiday. 

Choosing and wrapping gifts, buying food, planning the celebration all are all focused on a deadline—a very specific point in time. 

If you have imposed a deadline on yourself that you will have produced a certain amount of text by, say, Dec. 22, the demarcation between the time for working to produce the text and the holiday that follows is clear-cut.

It is a natural for boosting your motivation and helping you shift into high-level momentum.

You still have time to set up you own goals to produce text or to finish some other specific work before the holidays.  Join in!  You aren’t alone—all over the world, people are writing tonight.

I’d love to hear what you have set for your deadline.

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