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Think of those times when you’ve had a breakthrough in your writing.

This comes after you’ve been struggling to clear the fog from your brain.  And then the fog lifts.

It’s a great moment, right?  Then what do you do?

A client told me that she was putting in less time on her dissertation each day than she could.  She had more time available and could readily give it  to her work.

I was curious whether her writing had been difficult for her

But no—when I asked what it was like for her when she was writing, she said that the work was energizing.

She had actually gotten to the place where she could see how the different ideas were beginning to complement each other.

Saying that, she laughed and jokingly mocked the incongruity of stopping just when she had stuck pay dirt.  Her thoughts would move in this way:  “A breakthrough. Ah– what a great idea. O.k., now is a good time to stop.”

It seems as if feeling a sense of accomplishment triggers her wanting to take time off.

What about you?  You struggle through the miseries of searching for ideas and connections.  You start to see more clearly.  Do you stop?

How does that work for you?  Do you push back and take a break just when you’re on to something?

If you want to finish this project and close the deal, keeping the writing going is what matters.

I’d love to hear from you about this.

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