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Do you work late into the night, trying to analyze a computer screen filled with numbers?   What do you do when your eyes and mind start to shut down?

A client, who is very near to finishing her dissertation at a competitive university, gave me something to pass along to you.  The other day, she said, “Here’s something your other clients might enjoy.”

First, though, let me tell you a couple of things about her.  She is in the last big push toward her defense, but she has had to climb mountains to get here. She has persevered in spite of incredible obstacles.  Now she is demanding a great deal of herself by working until far in the night.  As a scientist, she often is trying to make sense of numbers on a page or screen. When the numbers start to blur for her, she looks for a moment of fun, a change. 

Here is what she passes along to you:  For a 30-minute break where she can switch brain cells from considering numbers to something more visual, she has found a daily jigsaw challenge on the Houston Chronicle both relaxing and energizing.

She says this 30-minute break has a beginning and a definite end.  You can’t get sucked into staying at the game ad infinitum.


Go to the on-line Houston (TX) Chronicle: www.chron.com.

Click on “Entertainment’ and then at the next screen choose “games.”

There among other choices, you’ll see “Jigsaw puzzle.”  You’re asked if you “have what it takes to solve [their] latest game.”

I’ll further challenge you not just to play the game, but more importantly to be inspired by my client to persevere.

This incredible woman is 60+ in age and is giving it her all to finish her dissertation over the next few days.  

I’d love to hear from you.  Let me know if you found the jigsaw game to be the right relief for a short break.  Also, let me know if you’d like to send a cheer of encouragement out to my client, whom I feel grateful to know and who continues to amaze me.

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Gratefully yours,


Nancy Whichard, PhD, PCC
Your International Dissertation Coach

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