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When You Think You Have No Time to Write, Step Up Your Process!

The holiday vortex –this time between Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s –can suck the energy out of the weak or unprepared.
But for many  veteran writers, and if dissertation writers aren’t veteran writers, I don’t know who would be, this week and next week offer some great writing moments.
If handled right, these next two weeks may be […]

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Motivation in Writing the Dissertation–It’s All about Mental Toughness and Discipline

A post that originally appeared in this space was reprinted in the Nov. 24, 2007 issue of the ABD Survival Guide newsletter under the title of “Ask Steven Nash: How Can I Regain My Motivation?”
I first wrote the article for this blog after seeing Charlie Rose interview Steve Nash.  I was struck by the parallels […]

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To Write More Easily, Induce a Good Mood: Five Minutes of Music Can Get You in Front of that Computer Screen and Writing

Writing is easier when you’re in a good mood. 
Researchers say that if you can generate a somewhat happy frame of mind, starting your writing and sticking with it will be easier.
So what can you do to bring about a happier mood?   Listen to some music!
Music is powerful.  Research supports claims that not only can music […]

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You Ask: How Can I Regain My Motivation? Ask Steve Nash

I don’t watch NBA basketball because it’s NBA basketball.  But I will watch Steve Nash, the point guard from Canada who plays for Phoenix and is the winner of the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award.
Nash is bright and personable. I first saw him on David Letterman.  Last night Charlie  Rose interviewed Nash in a show […]

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The Productively Foxy Dissertation Writer: Get out of your own way, dart past Lizard Brain, slyly scoop up those ideas

Whenever you have pen in hand or hands on keys, ready to start on your dissertation, do you suddenly feel tired? Moments before, were you bustling around, perhaps busy just for the sake of being busy?
1. Get out of your own way   
Nothing stands between you and your dissertation, except for yourself.  Even if you could […]

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